Exposing False Prophets. A rant for the day!

This a rant style video (in a Christian way of course no bad language) that was made as a result of wasting a lot of time watching videos which are Prophetic in nature. Normally nothing much is said until 10-15 minutes into the video and when you finally get to the information, it just doesn´t check out against the word. This is quite common especially on the big Video websites (not the fault of said websites) and especially in these End Times!

So this video was put together to help others avoid going through what I regularly go through, with 5 Ways to spot False Prophets. This is not the Mega Preacher Types you see on major media, but just the ordinary people with say a couple of thousand subscribers but less than 100K. I can guarantee it will cut out 90% of the videos you will watch and keep you focused on the truth which is what every Christian is striving for.

False Prophets Exposed (My Rant for the Day) Video


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