Exposing False Prophets. A rant for the day!

This a rant style video (in a Christian way of course no bad language) that was made as a result of wasting a lot of time watching videos which are Prophetic in nature. Normally nothing much is said until 10-15 minutes into the video and when you finally get to the information, it just doesn´t check out against the word. This is quite common especially on the big Video websites (not the fault of said websites) and especially in these End Times!

So this video was put together to help others avoid going through what I regularly go through, with 5 Ways to spot False Prophets. This is not the Mega Preacher Types you see on major media, but just the ordinary people with say a couple of thousand subscribers but less than 100K. I can guarantee it will cut out 90% of the videos you will watch and keep you focused on the truth which is what every Christian is striving for.

False Prophets Exposed (My Rant for the Day) Video


False Preachers and False Teachers. 15 signs to look out for

15 signs of False Preachers and False Teachers. How to spot them, ways to tell them from real Preachers and what marks out these “Wolves in Sheeps clothing”

These 15 signs can applied to Mega Preachers, pastors in medium sized churches and even to those in small village size churches. If you are Born Again, you will have discernment, but even so it can be easy to get sucked in. Here´s 15 warning signs that your Pastor, Vicar or Priest is a False Preacher or a  False Teacher.

15 Signs of a False Preacher Video

Also get further information at The Twelve Gates website including 25 ways to spot a False Preacher and False Teachers

When is the Rapture? Is it Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation?

When is the Rapture mentioned in the Bible? Is it Pre Tribulation, Mid Tribulation or Post Tribulation. This video even goes into whether it really matters when the Tribulation is?

Many Bible quotes point towards the Pre Trib Rapture and others point towards a Post Tribulation Rapture.  Some people believe in the Rapture, others do not. This video debates all these points and tries to arrive at an answer.

When is the Rapture Video

An Introduction to the Book of Revelations and FAQ’s

Death, Pestilence, Famine and War. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from The Book of Revelations Painting by Matchack via Deviant Art!
Death, Pestilence, Famine and War. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from The Book of Revelations Painting by Matchack via Deviant Art!

Understanding the Book of Revelations and it’s meanings explained. What is the Book of Revelations?, the last book in the New Testament of the Bible, who wrote it and when?, what is it based on?, What does it foretell?, what are the mythical creatures, people and places mentioned in it?, where do the central events take place in geographical and global terms? and why is it a Controversial Book in many Religious circles? and many other questions answered.

All these questions and more need to be answered before even attempting to make any sense of this last book of the Bible, which on first reading creates the impression of complete madness in it’s purest form.

1. What is the Book of Revelations?
It is the distillation of a vision of a future end times biblical prophecy event similar the the Old Testament foretelling of the coming of “The Son of God” as in Jesus Christ The Messiah.

It foretells, people, places, timings and events with signs in the Cosmos that these times are starting to come into effect. It foretells the rise of Satan and The Anti-Christ, a one world government and society and the return of Jesus as in the second coming and the infamous Rapture.

2. Who wrote it and when?
The book is called the Book of Revelations by St John the Divine and was written by one of the 12 disciples himself, his name being John , the one who actually baptised Jesus before he started his ministry. It was written after he had the vision on the Island of Patmos where he was imprisoned, it was written over 2000 years ago.

3. What is it based on?
It was based on a vision foretelling the End Times when God passes judgement on the World and gives the warning signs to mankind quite clearly in stages how this will come about.

4. What does it foretell?
It foretells the rise of Satan and the Anti-Christ where he is allowed by God to reign for a certain period of time via a New World Government where he has supreme power. A government and system where everybody would be required to take “The Mark” that demonstrates their allegiance to this new system, faith and Spirituality and leadership. In short there will be those who will worship what is known as “The Beast” and those who do not. You will either be on one side of the fence or the other, there will be no half way house what I call “The Greys”.

This new system would be designed to weed out Christians who would not take “The Mark”. Those who worship the Beast and take his mark will live, those who do not worship the Beast and do not take his mark will die. In these times it will also be a test of faith for those who say or think they are Christians as their will be numerous deceptions and falsehoods and false teachers and prophets that will lead the “False Christians” astray. Only true Christians will see the deceptions and falsehoods and false teachings in these times.

5. What are the mythical creatures, places and people mentioned in the Book of Revelations?
Some of the places mentioned are literal, others are metaphorical along with the creatures and people. Some are symbolic of something else. It’s a collection of jigsaw pieces that when viewed in isolation do not make lot of sense, but when translated and put together form a very clear picture of an End Times scenario, that forms a Biblical Prophecy- The Prophecy of St John.

It is designed to be confusing (I Think) to the masses and those outside the Christian faith but reveals itself to those who are in the faith, who read the bible on a regular basis, but even so, it takes at least a couple of slow thorough reads to make sense even then. The creatures and what they really are and the mythical places will be revealed in greater detail in future more in depth Book of Revelation Articles

6. Where do these End Time Events take place?
The location of the events take place mainly in the Middle East but spread out globally as a result of the Middle East activity. Others think it starts and takes place elsewhere? There are also external events (as in not on or of this planet) including Angels, Sun, Moon, Stars and even Asteroids coming into the equation.

7. Is the Book of Revelations Controversial in Religious Circles?
All denominations include the Book of Revelations, but it is surrounded by controversy regarding it’s acceptance and in the early days of the church it had a hard time being accepted in what was largely felt at the time as “Heresy” that is to say it is a belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs………but not that it is incorrect.  The reasons why are that it is a book based entirely on a vision and not mainly based on fact that happened at that particular place and time which can be backed up by archaeological evidence (like most of the teachings in the bible).

The Book of Revelations is obviously unable to substantiate what it says, as it is a look into the future. Also the interpretations of the vision are open to many different interpretations as to what will happen, who is involved, when these things will happen and even as to what order these events will occur.

Martin Luther downgraded the significance of Revelation. It portrays God as inflicting horrendous punishments on humanity — a concept that is today sometimes called “Ambush Theology.” Luther concluded that he could not readily harmonize the God described in Revelation with the God to whom Jesus prayed to as Abba. When Luther translated the Bible into the German language, he downgraded Revelation by relegating it to an appendix.

8. How does the Book of Revelation differ from other books that have End Times Prophecy in the Bible?
The Book of Revelation was written AFTER the Resurrection of Jesus whereas the prophecies mentioned in say The New Testament such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are prophecies written BEFORE the Resurrection of Jesus and so are about the First Coming. The Book of Revelations however is all about the Second Coming where Jesus is referenced as “The Lamb”

9. What is the Time Span, are there any actual dates?
There are no actual dates. The time period is made up of the build up to the arrival of the Anti Christ and Satan aka The Beast and the the time he actually reigns which is a definite 7 years made up of 3.5 years from beginning to peak and 3.5 years from peak to decline and end at which time Satan is cast into the bottomless pit for 1000 years.

Future Articles

Future articles will delve deeper into each chapter to see what The Book of Revelations is trying to say deciphering the hidden meanings within the texts (if there is any) and relating that to current modern times to see whether we are in 2016 and beyond actually in the End Times prophesied in this fascinating but highly controversial last book of the Bible.